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Geography Department at Ege University was founded as a department of Faculty of Social Sciences in 1980. Department produced its first graduates in 1983-1984 academic year. Geography Department as a part the Faculty of Letters offers a four-year bachelor's degree program as well as giving graduate study and doctorate in Geographic Information Systems, Physical Geography and Human Geography. The purpose of four-year bachelor's degree is to provide scientific knowledge on geography and issues, related to similar disciplines, for students. Program, taking social needs and the latest developments in the science of geography into consideration, consists of compulsory lessons and wide range of elective courses. Students can prepare thesis on the demanding subject under the supervision of department members in the fourth year.

There are currently six full professors, two associate professors, two assistant professors and five research assistants working in the department.  


Geography discipline, focusing on the relationships between physical characteristics of the earth and human life, activities and culture which are shaped and diversified according to these characteristics, basically consists of two departments. Ege University Geography Department has two academic sub-divisions, namely Physical Geography and Human and Economic Geography.  Bachelor students of Geography Department are educated in one program. Land forms (geomorphology), generating the physical characteristics of the earth, climate (climatology), water (terrestrial hydrography and oceanography) and species (biogeography) constitute the basic subjects of Physical Geography sub-division. Population, settlemets, culture, agriculture, industry, economic issues, on the other hand, are focused in various courses in Department of Human and Economic Geography.

Courses on geographical regions of Turkey are offered in separate courses. Some regions and countries are also among the subjects such as the Middle East, Caucasian countries, Balkans, Europe etc. In addition to these, lessons, developing with researches on some current issues such as alluvial geomorphology and tourism geography, are given and practices are made in department.

Department's postgraduate programs provide an opportunity to specialize in one of the subject in Physical Geography, Human Geography or Geographic Information Systems for students. Master degree's program with compulsory and elective courses ensure students getting basic knowledge abilities as well as providing specialization in their fields and this speciality are consolidated by thesis. Opened doctoral programs in each of the topics mentioned above, offering compulsory and elective courses together with doctoral thesis that are formed and defended, prepare students for academic and professional life.



Students who successfully complete all courses in the scheme of education receive bachelor's degree in geography. A graduated student from the Department of Geography’s primary job opportunity in Turkey has been teaching so far. The number of graduates in private schools and teaching institution has significantly increased in recent years. Furthermore, in spite of fewer numbers can find opportunity to work at the concerned fields in government organizations.

Additionally, department gives comprehensive education spread over three years in the field of Geographic Information Systems, rapidly increasing usage and importance and quite popular, in this way graduates also find working opportunity in this area.

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